Everything You Need to Know About the Astro A40 Headset

The Astro A40 gaming headset offers the features and user customisation to adapt to practically any listening environment. These versatile headsets can even switch between an open-back and closed-back design with just a simple component swap. Consumers considering an A40 will find a wide selection of new and pre-owned items on eBay at prices that you can afford.

What is the Astro A40?

The A40s are gaming headsets, which means that they are over-the-ear headphones with an integrated mic for voice chat. The Astro A40 TR is the third generation of this product. TR stands for Tournament Ready. These A40s are available in a number of different editions. All editions are compatible with PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch. PlayStation editions are compatible with the PS4 and PS3 too, and Xbox editions are compatible with all versions of the Xbox One as well.

Is the mic rotatable, detachable, and replaceable?

Yes. The mic, which can be curved to your preference, can be detached when unneeded or in order to replace it. Additionally, there are mic ports on both sides of the headset, so you can choose between a left and right orientation. As an alternative to detachment, the mic rotates up and out of the way, and this will also mute the mic. The A40 also includes a cable with an inline mic for users who prefer a more smartphone-style experience for their voice chat.

Is the Astro MixAmp included and required?

The MixAmp is included in the console editions. It’s not included in the PC and Mac-only editions. The MixAmp is required when using the A40s with an Xbox or PlayStation in order to ensure that audio output and input are amplified high enough. It’s not required for PC use since computers often have on-board sound, a dedicated sound board, a USB headphone amp, and so forth. The MixAmp does work fine with the PC and Mac, however, so a PC user without these things could opt for a console edition.

Is the Astro A40 usable with smartphones and MP3 players?

Absolutely! The A40s can serve as traditional headphones or headsets in almost any listening environment. Simply connect the stereo adapter to the stereo port on your device. The included mobile cable has both an inline mic and volume adjuster that are compatible with practically all smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and similar devices.

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