Historic BSA motorcycles and scooters

Find a range of iconic BSA motorcycles and scooters for sale on eBay. A historic British manufacturer, BSA is famous for motorcycles like the BSA B31, A10 and the Bantam. After the first BSA motorcycle was produced in 1910, they quickly became a huge success, and BSA motorbikes are still popular today. 

Whether youre an avid BSA fan, an experienced collector or a keen mechanic looking for a restoration project, youre sure to find the perfect BSA bike for you. Look out for BSA bikes from loads of different eras to pick up a piece of automotive history. 

BSA motorcycles in original condition

If youre a collector on the hunt for your newest addition to your collection, youll find loads of beautifully maintained BSA motorcycles from the 1950s and 1960s. For a rare find, look out for models from the pre-War era that are still in their original condition to really wow your friends. 

Choose a motorbike that is still in working order and get out on the roads, or keep it in great condition to showcase at fairs and events for a real crowd favourite. 

Fully restored BSA motorcycles

Whether you love automotive history or the BSA brand itself has a special place in your heart, fully restored BSA motorcycles are an amazing investment. Turn heads around town with these stunning classic motorcycles, and enjoy the freedom of two wheels. 

BSA bikes for restoration projects

If youre a huge fan of building or restoring motorcycles and scooters that need a little bit of TLC, there is a great range of possible projects for you to choose from. Go for a fully assembled BSA motorcycle that just needs some minor tweaks if youre just getting to grips with motorcycle restoration, or give yourself a challenge by looking out for BSA motorcycle parts and assemble a bike yourself.