Baby Bath Toys

Baby Bath Toys

With vivid colours and a wide variety of options and themes from pirate ships and other nautical vehicles, to their favourite television or film characters, the choice of bath toys available is vast.

Baby bath toys have come a long way since the rubber ducky. Not that rubber ducky has gone away, but now theres so much more to baby bath toys than the traditional rubber duck.

Educational baby bath toys

Plastic coated, waterproof bath books have been around for years. Affordable, portable and lots of fun, theyre a popular choice for many children.

Foam letters and numbers are the bath books more contemporary sidekick. They can stick to the surfaces of most baths and have a playful, educational element to them.

Bath crayons combine learning and creativity with minimal mess. Children can draw or write with them on the bath or on ceramic tiles which can then be wiped clean with ease.

Developmental baby bath toys

Babies love to learn about things like pouring, splashing, floating and sinking and there are lots of baby bath toys that can encourage budding scientists from an early age. From cups with different shaped holes, to squeezy toys that develop fine motor skills, to interactive toys that squirt, spin or even play music.

Baby bath toy storage

With so many baby bath toys available, its important to have some good storage. Luckily there are plenty of options where this is concerned too. Most bath toy storage has holes for rinsing and draining and suckers for keeping toys organised and out of the way when theyre not in use.

Of course whether theyre educational or just for entertainment, the wealth of baby bath toys available guarantee heaps of fun. From the traditional rubber ducky, to the latest, greatest bubble machine there are lots of ways to make bath time enjoyable for children of all ages.