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Bathing Babies With Confidence in Baby Baths

As every parent knows, bathing babies is a delicate affair. While it is certainly possible to adopt the traditional method and bathe your newborn your baby in an adult tub or a sink, a well-designed baby bathtub offers more comfort and increased safety for your baby. Many new and second-hand baby bathtub styles are available on eBay.

The safety features of baby baths

Carefully designed baby bathtubs are sturdy and balanced to ensure that they don't tip over. They are usually constructed from non-toxic, easily cleaned, hard plastic to ensure no water contamination, and they may include a mildew-resistant foam material as a lining to avoid skin irritation and provide greater comfort for your baby. Some models also include an inflatable neck ring accessory to ensure that your baby's head cannot accidentally slip under the water.

Are expandable baby baths available?

Yes. While a basic, cheap baby bath will only accommodate your growing baby for a limited time, some are designed to be modified to make more space available as your baby grows. You might find such a model marketed as a child bath instead of a baby bath.

Are portable baby baths available?

Yes, there are models available that are foldable. They are useful if, for example, you are planning a holiday trip and want to ensure your baby's bathing routine is not interrupted. These tubs are more lightweight for easier carrying.

Baby bathtubs can be placed in a full-sized bathtub or a large sink. They can also be placed on a table or the floor, depending on which is more comfortable and convenient for you when bathing your baby.

The features that differentiate baby baths

Baby baths from reputable brands offer a range of features. Depending on the model, these may include:

  • Temperature control: A thermometer lets you ensure the optimum temperature for your baby when adding warm water to the bath.
  • Restraints: These enable you to position your baby as needed while washing him or her.
  • Water jets: Some high-end, spa-like baby baths feature gentle water jets to increase your baby's comfort and offer a more enjoyable bathing experience.
  • Shower hose: A shower hose adds extra convenience as it enables you to remove residual soap from your baby's head and body more easily.

Baby bathtubs can be placed in an adult tub or a large sink. They can also be placed on a table or the floor, depending on which is more comfortable and convenient for you when giving your baby a bath.

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