Baitcast Reel Fishing Reels

Multiplier and Baitcasting Fishing Reels

Baitcasting fishing reels, also known as multiplier reels in the UK and Europe, are excellent fishing reels that give users a free running and adjustable spool, which allows for a better and more distance when casting. To control multiplier and baitcasting fishing reels, it can be difficult to start with but once you have a grasp on the method you will have a smooth and excellent casting style every time.

Star Drag

Star drag is a feature on baitcasting reels that help fishermen set the reel to specific tensions. By doing this you give an extra line to the fishing reel which helps if you catch a big, heavy fish that could potentially break the line.


A large majority of the multiplier baitcasting fishing reels offer a duragear system that is a 2 gear system that helps increase the gear strength on your fishing reel. This provides you with strong support in all fishing situations and it is perfect for comfort and support when casting and catching your fish.

Multiplier baitcasting fishing reels are a very popular type of fishing reel that are suited to skilled anglers who are looking for more accuracy and control when they fish. They can also be used with beginners but take a lot of practice to get right; once the technique is perfected you are able to have precise accuracy on every cast you bring in. But be prepared to practice lots by casting this type of reel many times before using it properly to fish.

From the different multiplier baitcasting fishing reels, there are plenty of different options to choose from that vary in brand manufacturer and features however they all offer a high quality fishing reel to help you stand out from the crowd the next time youre fishing. The brands include Abu Garcia , Shimano, Daiwa, Penn and Okuma. From the super fast retrieval to the accurate casting precision you will be able to make everyone jealous with the high lure potential of each cast.

It is important to choose the right brand for you to ensure that they are compatible and work well with your fishing rods and accessories. If you think youre up to the job and want to give the amazing multiplier and baitcasting fishing reels a go then choose from one of the reels that are on offer and have fun practicing! They offer an innovative design and smooth operation every time.