Bath Brushes & Sponges

Getting to those awkward spots in the bath or shower can be frustrating. A good bath brush and sponge can help with this, and both are fantastic exfoliating and massaging tools. Many health gurus claim that when used, dry bath brushes can have many positive effects. The act of dry brushing your skin can boost your circulation, as well as sloughing away dead skin cells before your daily shower.

Natural bath brushes

Most bath brushes are made from wood, bamboo, or other natural materials. There are some plastic brushes on the market too should you prefer them. They are available in all shapes and sizes, on long handles, short handles or with no handle.

Although the body of most bath brushes are made of wood, the bristles can be made with animal hair or plant based materials, as well as a range of synthetics.

There are types of shower and bath brushes designed for specific areas of the body. A brush with added pumice is designed for scrubbing your feet. A loofah back strap is, as the name suggests, for giving your back a good scrub.


Loofah scrubbers are a cross between a brush and a sponge. They are made with natural plant fibres and can be quite abrasive when they are new, which is good for getting rid of dead skin. If your loofah bath brush is too uncomfortable to use, try soaking it in hot water and then scrubbing the more resilient parts of your body, such as your feet and knees, to make the fibres softer.

Why use a bath sponge?

Bath sponges are another essential addition to your bathroom routine. You can even find specially designed travel bath sponges . Natural sponges have been used throughout history as exfoliators, and using a natural sponge can have many benefits for your skin. Unfortunately, natural sponges are living creatures and are becoming almost an endangered species, so most people prefer to use a synthetic version. Many synthetic options are in fact softer than natural sponges, which can benefit sensitive skin.