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Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S4

Whatever your mobile device, the battery in it will not last forever and it will gradually be able to store less and less power. No matter how you may try to prolong its life and despite the care you may take, over time all batteries need replacing.

Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones are lithium-ion batteries, which, like all batteries, will degrade over time with a life expectancy of a few years. Thankfully batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are easy to remove and replace, saving you from having to upgrade to a new device with a fresh battery.

Lithium-ion Batteries with NFC

Samsung is known for its high quality design and engineering and has developed batteries specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S4. These batteries have gone through extensive testing and are reliable and safe to use. They will keep their power and charge longer and are designed so you can enjoy optimum performance with your phone.

You can be confident you will get the same battery life out of your Samsung Galaxy S4 as you had with the original battery. They are definitely worth having either as a spare battery, especially if you are travelling away or to provide peace of mind if you need extended use of your phone, or to use as a replacement.

These batteries use NFC communication with a built in NFC antenna, allowing your Samsung Galaxy S4 to communicate with other devices, apps and accessories equipped with NFC technology.

Replacement batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are manufactured to the highest quality and are designed to match the capacity of the original battery. This means that your experience should be equaled, and therefore unchanged.

Battery tips

Battery life depends on the network, temperature, signal strength and the features used on your Samsung Galaxy S4. You will help to extend its life by avoiding extremes of heat and cold, being careful how you charge your battery by following the recommendations, and only using the phone options and accessories that are really needed by you.

When changing the battery for your Samsung Galaxy S4, follow the instructions carefully on how to remove and replace batteries.

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