Beads and Jewelry Making

Buy Beads Online with eBay

Beads and beaded jewellery have been around for thousands of years, from the pharaohs of Egypt to the Native Americans. For enthusiasts today, making beaded jewellery is a fun craft that offers nearly endless ways to express your creativity. For the beginner, eBay offers jewellery making kits to help you master the basics, and once you get going on your own bead crafting projects, you can find all kinds of jewellery making supplies, from charms to essential tools like jewellery pliers. Turn to eBay to browse a huge selection of beading online.

Gather the Supplies

Beads and pendants are just the beginning. The sky’s the limit when it comes to jewellery crafts. You’ll find everything from spacer beads and pearls to glass beads and crystal beads, including premium Swarovski crystal beads. eBay’s online beads and jewellery store has clasps and hooks, earring backs and chains that you can cut to the perfect length, and the connectors and bails needed to put it all together and keep it looking professional.

Get Organized

Because there are a lot of little pieces and parts involved in making jewellery, getting organized is the best way to support your new hobby. Bead boards and trays help you keep the beading supplies sorted and easy to find. Additionally, jewellery-making tools in toolkits are an economical way not only to buy your tools, but to keep them organized.

Be Inspired

Once you have all these supplies, it’s easy to be inspired to create unique pieces beyond simple earrings or necklaces. eBay has beading kits to make Christmas ornaments, and vintage jewellery-making magazines where you can find inspiration from past styles for your new hobby.