Beds, Bed Frames & Divan Bases

Divan base beds with headboards

Divan beds are one of the most popular types of bed in the UK, which means theres plenty of choice on offer. Youll also likely find the exact colour, style and design to perfectly suit your bedroom, and the good news is they tend to be less expensive than other types of bed frames. So if youre in the market for something super comfy, long-lasting and not too tough on the wallet, a divan bed with headboard could be exactly what you need. 

Ottoman divan bed bases with headboards

An ottoman mattress base offers a platform on the top part of the bed, below the mattress, which can be lifted up whilst the mattress is still in place. The idea is it offers a substantial amount of storage space for larger items, such as spare bed sheets, duvets and towels. 

Ottoman divan bed bases have become more popular in recent years as many peoples living space has become more limited. Ottoman beds are slightly less restrictive than drawers, as essentially theyre just large storage chests with a mattress that sits on top of the lid. Theyre available in a massive range of colours and materials, including real leather, faux leather and chenille. 

Divan bed bases with drawers

Many divan double beds are fitted with a set of drawers, making it as easy to remove items from storage as it was getting them in there. Some people prefer these to ottomans as drawers mean you dont have to lift the mattress each time. This makes a divan base with drawers a popular option for children and elderly family members who may find the act of lifting an ottoman difficult. Again, theyre perfect for smaller bedrooms where storage space is at a premium. 

Crushed velvet divan bed bases with headboards

Modern and stylish crushed velvet divan beds with headboards are a real hit thanks to their luxurious, soft finish. Available in a huge number of shades from bold to pastel, the crushed velvet is generally padded for extra comfort and durability.