Bicycle Handlebar Grips Improve Your Safety

To ride safely on quiet, but bumpy country roads, use bicycle handlebar grips from eBay. Vendors have a wide range of tapes and pads to meet your needs, also ensuring that you can navigate city streets in style and comfort.

What type of material is used to make bicycle grips?

Many bicycle grips on eBay are made with rubber, ensuring that they can absorb shock when you hit an obstacle, and not throw you off balance. This durable material stands up to daily riding, and will not slip when your hands become sweaty after hours on a trail.

Enhance your control at high speeds with bicycle tape

If you ride at high speeds, vendors on eBay have bar tape that enhances control and comfort. These are made of durable materials like leather and cork, so they will not wear quickly and offer good grip while turning corners. Leather is soft once it is broken in, and it accessorizes your bike while offering good input response, and a direct connection to your bicycle because of its thinness. Some are made of the following synthetic materials and may be backed by an adhesive that stays in position throughout the season:

  • Nylon.
  • Silicone.
  • Polyurethane.
What type of clamp is used on grips?

Grips on eBay often feature clamps that are made of forged aluminium. This manufacturing process provides the aluminium with greater strength, and the lightweight nature of the metal keeps the total weight of the bike down, allowing you to increase your performance, and ride for longer. Many clamps are made with such recyclable materials, and some even include lightweight cork, which can also be recycled.

Relax with extra layers of comfort

Synthetic leather is a popular option for grips and tape, especially for racers. It doesn't absorb vibrations as well as some other materials, but it provides the kind of connection to the road, and your bike, which improves your safety. Several grips feature extra layers of material that enhance the rubber inside the grip. For example, gel is often used to improve flexibility. With three layers of this in some grips, the entire unit is very soft to touch. A textured pattern improves traction.

A broad textured surface covers all the layers in most grips, integrating their benefits. Some layers are equipped with vibration-dampening protection, so your hands don't hurt after travelling on rough roads. Some grips have a silicone layer, and these may feel heavy to hold initially but are almost indestructible.