Bicycle Mudguards

If you enjoy riding through forests or scaling mountains on your bike then mudguards are a must. They are suited for both beginners and professionals and they help to stop mud from being splattered up your bike when you're riding in wet weather.

Clip on Guards

Clip on mudguards are great if you need a quick fix. They have a good amount of protection and they also attach to the seat post. This means that they can be taken on and off accordingly and they can also be adjusted to reach the correct height. Clip on guards can be knocked and this can move them off centre, meaning the mud will splash past the guard itself. Clip on guards are usually only available to fit the rear end of your bike.

Strap on Guards

Strap on guards are available in both front and back alternatives. Strap on guards strap onto the fork legs and onto the seat stay. This will provide the rider with a good level of protection from grime and spraying mud. These guards are very easy to fit and they are ideal if you need protection on the downtube and drivetrain. Strap on guards can lead to the paint rubbing off and they are not suitable for mountain bike use. This is because they are easily knocked when faced with rough conditions.

Stay Guards

A fixed stay mudguard is designed to fit on your frame and fork. You will need to have eyelets on your frame in order to accommodate for these guards. They offer the highest level of protection and they are full length which means that they can guard you against almost any mud splash. They are relatively heavy but they will not move when they are installed. Fixed stay guards are usually the most durable and once they are installed they can be very hard to remove. This makes them suitable for mountain bikes and for those who want to venture out on off-road biking weekends.