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Everyone should have a bike in their life. From those first wobbly pedals to a lifetime of commuting, racing and exploring, bicycles are one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to travel.

Encouraging children to cycle can lead to a healthy lifestyle and with a colourful selection of kids' bikes to choose from, it shouldn't be hard to get them interested! There are also lots of options for adult cyclists of all levels.

Bikes For Everybody

You don't have to be a biking pro to enjoy cycling. It's suitable for all ages and fitness levels, you just have to choose the right model for you. Get kids started on balance bikes before they progress on to pedalling. These clever bicycles are a great way of introducing them to the fun and the feel of a bike before they can handle a pedal bike.

Cyclists who need a bit of help can opt for one of the new e-bikes, powered by lithium battery. A real leveller in terms of accessibility, these high-tech bikes give cyclists a helping hand on hills and long rides. They can increase the confidence and expand the horizons of many people who might otherwise have given cycling a go.

For serious cyclists, you'll find top-class mountain bikes to handle the roughest of cross-country terrain and racing road bikes to hit those top speeds. For something in between a cyclocross bike is a great all-rounder that can be ridden both off-road and on.

And for something a bit different, you could try a tandem bike for two for the ultimate fun couple's activity.

Technical Features

From basics like gears and brakes to more impressive features like foldable frames and battery packs, the world of biking is all about the spec. It helps to do your research before you buy and fit the design of your bike to your needs. Bikes vary enormously in price from entry-level to racing, so don't feel you need to buy the most high-spec bike out there to be able to enjoy riding.

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