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Binoculars are a pair of telescopes mounted together to use both eyes to see objects that are in the distance. Binoculars may also be referred to as field glasses and are used for a many of purposes such as bird-watching, wildlife viewing, hunting, astronomy, sporting events and during travelling.

Brands of Binoculars

Many different brands offer binoculars, designed to suit any occasion and user including Nikon, Optolyth, Barr and Stroud and more.


Nikon delivers a range of high-quality binoculars with varying features so that you can find the right pair of binoculars for your specific activity. For example, Travelite EX has a lightweight body and are both waterproof and fog-free. The Travelite range is ideal for all-round use and can be handily stored in your bag for any occasion. For marine use, Nikon offers a variety of binoculars that use nitrogen gas to resist the changes in climate and have a comfortable grip for prolonged use.


A popular binocular manufacturer from Germany, Optolyh offer a range of different binocular such as Sporting binoculars which can be folded and unfolded for use in a moments notice. The Sporting range is designed to be lightweight and compact. Optolyth Royal binoculars are designed for hunting and gamekeepers and provide a sharp, crisp quality vision even in the twilight. For added protection and comfort, the Royal binoculars are rubber coated.

Barr and Stroud

Barr and Stroud pride themselves on precision optical equipment and design their binoculars to be robust and rugged. Their range includes the Sahara binocular which is a powerful binocular that can be incredibly focused and precise as well as being waterproof and rugged for any adventure. For a more elegant binocular, the Savannah model is a more refined design that still delivers rich, high definition quality. The Savannah range is known for their advanced mechanical design so that your binoculars can provide quality viewing for many years to come.

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