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Bird Cages

If you have pet birds you'll want their cage to be their sanctuary. It should be comfortable with plenty of space for them to spread and flap their wings to their heart's content. The bigger your birds' living space, the safer and content they'll feel which will have a big impact on their physical and psychological health.

Bird cages come in many shapes and sizes, such as rectangles and circles, and feature domed, slanted or flat roofs. Depending on how much space you have and the size of the birds you're caring for, you'll find thousands of options available. Choose new and used bird cages from leading brands such as PawHut.


There are several options when it comes to finding a large bird cage or enclosure that will enable your birds to fly inside. There are two types of home aviary to choose from. One that is suspended above ground height or a grounded aviary that is built into the ground. Suspended aviaries are easy to move and tend to be slightly smaller for this reason.

Choose from wooden or PVC frames that are designed to resemble sheds and can withstand outdoor conditions all year round. Metal frames with wheels are a popular choice for suspended aviaries and can be used inside or outside, as long as they have a suitable roof and panelling to provide shelter from the elements.

Large Bird Cages

This type of bird cage is designed for larger birds and can be freestanding or hanging, depending on the space in your home. They are typically made from metal with narrowly spaced bars to ensure birds, such as parrots, budgies, canaries and cockatiels, can't escape.

Parrot Stands

Birds need stimulation so it's important the cage you choose includes furniture and toys such as perches and stands. There is a range of stands available for parrots with various features, such as ladders and steps, to ensure your birds remain active.

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