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Bird Supplies 

Bird supplies include toys, food, cages, accessories and feeders for birds. They will vary from supplies for wild birds that visit the garden, or an individual’s pet bird. 

Some products may apply to amateur or semi-amateur aviary setups.

Different Types Of Bird Supplies

  • Cages - Range from smaller cages for birds such as budgies, to large cages for larger birds or multiple birds. Stands for the cages are also sold, as well as complete aviary setups.
  • Food / Seed - Seed and nuts specifically for birds is available, as well as specific mixes for different categories of bird. Suet pellets and balls are also supplied providing additional nutrients and vitamins for the types of bird specified by each product.
  • Other Bird Supplies / Accessories - Include hatching accessories, fluorescent lamps, disinfectants, pigeon lice spot on, cage feeders and plastic nesting apparatus.
  • Toys - Range from mirrors and ladders, to swings and bells. All are designed to keep birds amused and enriched during their time in their cage. Toys also provide a more aesthetically pleasing environment for bird owners to view.
  • Feeders - A majority of wild bird feeders of various designs. Some provide water holders, squirrel protection or seed catchers in addition to the feeding unit for the wild birds. Some pet bird feeders are also supplied.

The Benefits Of Bird Supplies

  • Wild birds are aided in winter survival with the addition of nutritious food to the garden
  • Wild bird enthusiasts can encourage wild birds to their garden, and enjoy viewing them
  • Pet birds are kept healthy, enriched and happy with bird toys and accessories
  • Bird owners are able to keep their birds in excellent condition whilst maintaining a hygienic and well maintained environment for them
  • Birds supplies like worming tablets or drops help pet birds avoid health conditions that would otherwise cause them discomfort and distress
  • Bird toys provide amusement for both the bird and their owners