Blacksmith Collectables

Blacksmith Collectables

Original and authentic blacksmith collectables make an unusual feature display in any room.

Different types of blacksmith collectables

Original blacksmith collectables include an antique anvil with stand. The large, heavy piece is the centrepiece of a blacksmiths workshop and makes a great focal feature in the garden. The traditional anvil is used as a striking surface, and boasts authentic wear and tear signs.

The vintage 4lbs blacksmiths hammer has a solid ash handle and a distinctive rectangular shaped head. Other types of collectible hammers are also available.

A heavy-duty leg vice is an important tool to have in a display of blacksmith collectables. The leg vice, or solid box vice, is typically used to hold hot iron while it is being hammered, twisted or chiselled.

Fire tongs are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Vintage forged steel tongs are specialty tools that hold hot metal that is being handled.

Other blacksmith collectables include vintage hot square punches, cast iron cone mandrels and antique hammer swage tools.

For a complete set of blacksmith collectables choose a range of antique blacksmith farrier tools and equipment. The 14-piece set includes hood clips, snips, a cleaver, a ladle and an assortment of other decorative and ornamental pieces.

Essential tools for a blacksmith collection

The anvil is traditionally the investment piece of most types of blacksmith collectables.

The leg vice is the most commonly used item in any blacksmith workshop and is a great collectible piece. The leg vice is traditionally anchored to a heavy workbench. It is used for holding hot iron for pounding.

Hammers are an important part of blacksmith collectables. They are typically chosen by weight and size, according to the job requirement.

Most blacksmiths use a variety of different shape and size tongs. Tongs are used for lifting hot metal, and gripping.