Board and Traditional Games

From classics such as Monopoly to new more modern experiences, get your friends or the whole family together for board and traditional games. There are hundreds of different board games out there so you’ll find something for every family or friendship group.

Old Family Favourites

The classics never go out of style; there are so many old family favourite board games that are still available and being re-released today that you can share old loves with new additions.

Monopoly, Cluedo and Scrabble are amongst the hall of famers, all with different variations. Choose Simpsons Monopoly if you love Springfield or go with Game of Thrones Cluedo if you want to get lost in Westeros.

Child Friendly

There are constantly new games coming out that you can play with the little ones and some old favourites have ’Junior’ or ’Family’ versions available for the whole family. These may have questions that younger audiences are more likely to know or easier rules for them to pick the game up more quickly.

Some kid-friendly games include Snakes and Ladders, Connect Four and Twister - these games offer light-hearted fun whilst still being a bit challenging.


Get those minds ticking with a selection of strategy games. Strategy games are not just played with luck and chance, you can also use skill in order to get ahead or win the game.

Chess is the archetypal strategy game. Similar games include Checkers, Dominoes and Mah Jongg. These games need your utmost attention and concentration.

War Games

Some games include growing your army and conquering more land - with your friends or against then. The most popular war strategy game includes Risk, with hundreds of variations available. Go with Lord of the Rings Risk if you’re into your classics, or play The Walking Dead risk if for a more modern take on the game.