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Boggle Board and Traditional Games

An iconic family favourite for decades, Boggle is a challenging and exciting word game. Once the three minute timer is set, players must find words, formed by adjacent random letter cubes. Boggle is highly addictive, particularly for word lovers and those who enjoy mentally stimulating games.

Adults and children alike enjoy Boggle with play not only being great fun, but also encouraging children to expand their vocabularies and improve their focus whilst under pressure. Boggle board and traditional games provide hours of fun for players of all ages.

New and vintage Boggle sets

There are various Boggle sets to be found, including the most recent versions and vintage versions from as far back as the 1970s. The 1970s version has alternative game and box designs.

Many vintage Parkers and Hasbro Boggle boards are available with their boxes preserved in excellent condition. Whether a Boggle set is required strictly for play or to form part of a vintage games collection, the desired set can easily be found.

Travel Boggle versions

Different travel versions of Boggle have been released over the years. These vary in design, according to the period in which they were made. Travel Boggle sets with built in electronic timers can be found, along with other travel sets such as the vintage 1980s Pocket Boggle variety.

Boggle for children

In addition to the standard Boggle sets on offer, are Boggle sets designed specifically with children in mind. Junior Boggle versions have been released, which can help children learn new words and spellings using pictures and visual prompts. There is even a version which is designed for those as young as pre-school age, allowing young children to increase their vocabulary and spelling skills whilst having fun.

Large Body Boggle sets

For people looking to play the Boggle game, but with a more exciting and hilarious twist, they may wish to consider a Body Boggle set. This game was released with a large Boggle mat to be laid out on the floor. Players have to spell out words, just as in the regular Boggle game, but with the added difficulty of doing it by placing their hands and feet on the individual letters required. Body Boggle is a much more active version of the game, equally as fun for children, as for adult gatherings and parties.

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