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Bonsai Plants 

Bonsai, from the Japanese term “penzai”, is a tree or plant that is grown in a container. The English term often refers to miniature trees in containers or pots.

The miniature trees are popular for their immaculate beauty that comes from growing out of the wild. 

Growing bonsai plants has now become an artistic hobby which is believed to be highly relaxing and rewarding.

Why choose a bonsai plant?

  • Bonsai plants or trees are widely available on online stores
  • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Most bonsai plants are expected to last for many years when cared for properly
  • When potted, bonsai plants are perfect for use indoors
  • They are relatively inexpensive to look after

Caring for your bonsai plant

It is important that you care for your bonsai plants to ensure that they are healthy. 

  • Watered - Bonsai plants need to be watered carefully, as they will die if they are over watered. How much water is needed depends on the size of the pot, the soil and the climate. It is also very easy for bonsai plants to dry up, so they will need monitoring very closely
  • Re-potting - It is recommended that you re-pot your bonsai plants regularly, about every two years. This will ensure that the plant does not become pot-bound, preventing it from soaking up too much water
  • Fertilisation - As the bonsai trees grow in small pots, there are very few nutrients available to keep the plant healthy. Fertilising the bonsai plant on a regular basis will encourage the plant’s growth
  • Climate - If the bonsai plant is meant for outdoors, then that is where is needs to be placed. Keeping an outdoor plant indoors will kill the plant. Bonsai plants tend to need a warmer climate, so most will be better off kept indoors
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