Make Home Cinema Great With Bose Lifestyle

Bose Lifestyle Home Cinema systems have been crafted to make a night in a lot more fun, so the range includes everything you might need to turn your sofa into a front row cinema seat. The wireless speakers in the Bose Lifestyle Home Cinema range re-create sounds with clarity and precision, while the management console allows you to operate the cinema system via voice control. The Lifestyle system also allows you to listen to a different audio source in every room via multi-room individual playback, and you are sure to find the right system for your needs on eBay.

Which components are included?

Each Bose Lifestyle cinema system has its own unique components, but you can refer to the product descriptions for more detail. Generally, the systems will consist of:

  • Console unit: This unit controls the system and wireless speakers.
  • Centre speaker module: The speaker that sits directly underneath your television.
  • Speakers: Each system comes with a different number.
  • Bass module: This is the subwoofer module responsible for creating bass sounds.
How do you set up a wireless Bose Lifestyle Home Cinema system?

Bose Home Cinema systems are designed with ease of use in mind. Some of the systems in the range offer wireless speaker systems that can be set-up using the console unit of the system. Each Bose Lifestyle system may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Does the system feature auto calibration?

Yes. The systems make use of proprietary ADAPTIQ technology to optimise sound settings in accordance with the size and shape of your room. ADAPTIQ can even take the location and shape of your furniture into account when auto-adjusting sound settings. ADAPTIQ can be activated via the system remote control or through the smartphone application.

Which systems are available in the range?

e-Bay has a large selection of Bose Lifestyle products available to choose from. Some of these include:

  • Bose Lifestyle SoundTouch 535: Easy to set up, this system offers an immerse audio experience.
  • Bose Lifestyle 600: Offers direct/reflecting speakers and angled transducers.
  • Bose Lifestyle 650: Comes with a 360-degree output and a 21-inch centre channel speaker.
  • Bose Lifestyle v35: The Acoustimass module delivers a full range of sound and effects.
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