Bouncy Castles

A firm favourite with children of all ages, bouncy castles are a popular choice for both outdoor and indoor inflatable entertainment for occasions of any size, from play dates and birthday parties to large scale gatherings.

Many bouncy castles have slides, water slides, ball pits, soft play areas and paddling pools for added fun and adventure. They also often have colourful themed character designs to follow a children’s party theme such as superheroes or princesses.

Bouncy castles are manufactured in materials such as strong PVC or vinyl and nylon and the structure is inflated using an electric or petrol-driven blower. All bouncy castle models are usually sold with an accompanying bouncy castle blower and necessary anchor stakes.

Party Time

Deciding which bouncy castle to buy will depend on the age of the partygoers and guests and models will vary in size to cater for tots through to adults. Many commercial bouncy castles and bouncy castles for business are available as bouncy castle/slides and bouncy water slides many of which are suitable for adult use.

Such models sometimes also have elaborate design features such as activity areas, which may include assault courses or inflatable games. These types of bouncy castle are most suitable for large functions as they can accommodate a higher number of people.

Play Safe

Using a bouncy castle is a great choice for party entertainment. However, safety should always be a prime consideration. As inflatable play equipment, bouncy castles fall under the PIPA scheme (Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation) so when looking to buy a bouncy castle make sure to check to see if the product has been PIPA tagged.

PIPA is an inspection scheme introduced by the inflatable play industry to ensure that children’s inflatable play equipment conforms to certain regulations. BS EN 14960:2013 is the European standard to which inflatable play equipment is tested via the PIPA scheme.