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Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing Box Van Trailers

When you need to transport a load that will not fit inside of your vehicle or that you need to offload with ease, a box van trailer offers convenience. There are box van trailers available in a wide range of sizes and axle configurations. You can choose from different materials, types, brands, and features of gently used and new affordable box van trailers on eBay.

Size, tyre, and axle configuration options for box van trailers

The size, tyre, and axle configuration options for the box van trailers include:

  • Weight capacity: The range is 500 to 1,750 kilogrammes.
  • Dimensions: They range in size from 1.0 to 1.8 metres wide by 1.0 to 2.0 metres tall by 2.0 to 3.5 metres long.
  • Axle configurations: The options include single- and twin-axle configurations.
  • Tyre size: The range is 15.5 to 17.5 centimetres wide by 33 to 49 centimetres in diameter.
  • Tyre type: They may use flotation tyres for heavy loads more than 1,000 kilogrammes.
Materials from which the low-cost box van trailers are made

The inexpensive box van trailers are made from a range of materials, including fibreglass. This is typically used for the enclosed trailers that have a roof and four walls. Stainless steel is another option, and it is also used for the ramps or steps that lead into the trailer. The small box van trailers may also be constructed from galvanised or powder-coated steel.

Some features of the new and second-hand box van trailers

The features of new and second-hand box van trailers include:

  • With hitch: This allows it to be attached to a pickup truck lorry, van, or other vehicle.
  • Lock: The back door locks for securing the cargo.
  • Ramp: The ramp affords easy access for loading and unloading cargo.
  • Weather-resistant: The panels and seams are sealed in order to protect against wind, precipitation, and sunlight.
  • Reflectors: The perimeter of the trailer is outfitted with reflectors and lights for visibility.
How do you choose the right small box van trailer?

When you are looking for small box van trailers, consider their:

  • Brand: The options include Paxton, Bateson, and Ifor Williams box van trailers for sale.
  • Color: The options include metallic silver, grey, black, white, and brown.
  • Condition: There are new and second-hand box van trailers for sale.
  • Purpose: Choose a trailer for towing a vehicle or a multipurpose trailer.
  • Wall style: Select wire, mesh, or solid-panel walls.
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