Boys' Shoes

Boys Shoes

Boys shoes are available in a wide variety of styles from sporting trainers, flip flops and slippers to formal shoes for special occasions and wellington boots for wet weather wear. All can be purchased from infant sizes through to junior and kids size selections including half sizes and different width fittings.

Active Wear

Trainers are a popular choice for boys and their active lifestyles. Boys shoes selections include casual fashion trainers which are available in a large choice of colours and styles and from leading brands such as Nike, Puma and Adidas. Some boys trainers even incorporate LED lights and wheels in and around the soles for an extra fun factor.

In addition, sporting trainers are also available from leading brands. Such boys shoes are made slightly differently to incorporate special elements such as extra air cushioned soles and greater shock absorption which offer enhanced performance qualities and an extra level of comfort when playing sports.

Back to School

Designed to be tough enough to cope with the everyday wear and tear of school life, boys school shoes are made of durable materials such as pure leather or leather and synthetic mixes. Many boys school shoes are available from notable brands such as Clarks, Startrite and Geox and have breathable insoles to keep feet cool and fresh to contend with all day wear.

Available in a variety of smart styles, boys school shoes feature lace-up, hook and loop fasteners and can also be purchased in slip-on styles such as loafers. Particularly useful for younger year groups, Velcro (or hook and loop fasteners) are great for adjustability and ensure a comfortable fit. Some boys school shoes have front and back bumpers which guard against scruffs and scratches. Others are styled to feature character designs including superheroes such as Superman, Batman and Iron Man.