Choose a Bultaco Motorbike and Own a Piece of History

Motorbike enthusiasts consider Bultaco bikes to be iconic classic Spanish bikes. They are two-stroke bikes designed for trials, the road, and motocross racing. eBay has a variety of Bultaco motorbikes in various conditions.

How to winterise a Bultaco motorbike

Clean and wax your motorbike before storing it. This will protect it from moisture and rust. Store your bike in an environment with low humidity. If you will be storing your Bultaco bike in a brick or wood garage, use an air tent to keep your garage at an optimal temperature. Monitor your bike's tyre pressure regularly. You should also spray a lubricant on the engine parts and frame to protect them from corrosion. Drain your system, then refill with ready-mixed coolant, or add antifreeze to the water to prevent your system from freezing. Lastly, replace your oil with winter grade oil.

What makes Bultaco motorbikes rare?

Bultaco two-stroke motorbikes were in production from 1958 to 1983. In the 1960s, these motorbikes took the checkered flag in trials, motocross, and road racing. They were light, strong, and reliable and revolutionalised the sports industry. Bultaco trials bikes were at the forefront of trials and had a better performance than most four-stroke motorcycles of that time. Road models, such as the Metralla and Tralla, gathered lots of fans, while the Sherpa T Bultaco trials bikes, Matador Enduro, and Pursang motocross bikes made their mark in both national and international events.

Can you ride a Bultaco motorcycle during winter?

Yes. With the right gear, care, and attention, you can ride your bike throughout the winter. If you plan to ride your classic motorcycle regularly during the cold months, invest in winter clothes. One-piece leathers will keep you warm and protect you from the wind. Wear gloves to keep your hands dry and warm. Getting wet and cold can make you tired, which can slow your ability to quickly respond to events around you. Don't forget to increase your braking distance when you are on the road as it takes longer to stop on icy or greasy roads.

Bultaco motorcycle models

There are various Bultaco motorbike models available to fit different riding styles. They include the following:

  • Bultaco 250 Sherpa T: The first model that was exclusively dedicated to observed trials competition.
  • Bultaco Alpina 250: A lightweight trail and enduro motorbike that can give even a pro a memorable ride.
  • Bultaco Pursang 370: A light and powerful motorbike designed for motocross riding.