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CRT Computer Monitors

Go for a retro style with a CRT computer monitor. The classic bulky screens are great for playing 90s games on to get an authentic gaming experience and add a touch of vintage charm to any room.

CRT stands for cathode ray tubes, a technology which uses electrons that power pixels that, in turn, create an image on the screen. LCD and plasma screens use much newer technologies that work in a different way.

Although CRT technology is pretty much extinct in today's market, their monitors are known for being able to display a wider range of colours and having a higher contrast, making the black colours much deeper. Because of this, they are often still favoured by graphic designers.


CRT monitors are almost unheard of in today's market with much newer technology in place. Because of this, many CRT computer monitors that you'll come across will have been made by companies that have a long-established history in the computer industry. You'll find original CRT screens from the likes of Sony, Dell and HP in both new and used conditions.

Sizes and Styles

You'll instantly recognise a CRT monitor because of its appearance. Remember bulky monitors with curved screens? These are CRT monitors. They are much heavier than modern screens with big backs that are used to contain the CRT technology.

Aside from the size of the monitors, the screens themselves were smaller when CRT technology was commonplace. Far from our 50 inch flat screens of today, CRT screens generally range from around 10 inches up to 24 inches in size.


One thing to bear in mind before buying a CRT monitor here on eBay is whether it will be compatible with the PC or laptop that you're wanting to use it with. Unlike LCD monitors, which usually have several different types of connection, CRT monitors usually only have VGA (video graphics array) ports. However, if you do purchase a screen that isn't compatible, you can purchase a conversion cable.

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