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Got one to sell?

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Stay Connected with an Apple iPhone 5 Charger Lead

When buying a replacement iPhone 5 charger lead, make sure you opt for a genuine product. This will not only ensure that your charger will be the real deal, it will also help to keep your iPhone in great condition, ensuring that charging occurs at the right amperage for optimum operation. eBay offers a broad range of options at affordable prices.

Does the charger really make that much difference?

Yes. Some cheaper non-branded chargers may serve their purpose, but if the electrical components are not right the phone can be subject to too much electricity flowing into it, or even not enough, and it could cause irreparable damage. iPhone chargers are designed to be very sturdy and to work effectively with Apple products. No non-branded charger can offer the same tailor-made experience offered by a genuine iPhone 5 charger lead.

How can you be sure you’re getting an authentic iPhone 5 charger cord?

Be prepared to pay a reasonable price for a genuine product. iPhone 5s original charger prices can vary, but a little research will give you a ballpark price. Although various iPhone models require different chargers, you can be sure that too cheap a charger is unlikely to be the real deal. Once you’ve identified the charger lead you need:

  • Study the product: Labels should be clean, properly aligned and contain no typos, especially of the brand name or the region of production.
  • Read the text: User's manuals, advice leaflets and other information included with the product will always make sense and be properly proofed. Poor spelling, incorrect grammar, and the misuse of some words are a sign of a poor quality product.
  • Check the assembly: New Apple items will always be sleek, tightly assembled, and have no distortions or misalignments. Any signs of careless assembly will mean that the product is not genuine.
Can you use the iPhone 5 charger lead with other Apple devices?

The iPhone 5 was introduced in 2012. This was when Apple introduced the lightning charger, and all iPod, iPad, and iPhone products made since then can use the same charger. To ensure compatibility, check the manufacturer’s site for full details.

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