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Callaway Golf Balls: Professionals Swear by Them

Callaway golf balls are made to suit the playing styles and requirements of different golfers. With a strong emphasis on the high-energy core, Callaway balls exhibit solid aerodynamics. Find a range of Callaway golf balls on eBay.

Why buy Callaway golf balls?

A golf ball is critical to the sport. Most professional and even amateur golfers spend a lot of money on golf balls alone so that they gain some advantage over their competition and do not stay behind with outdated tools. Callaway’s high-quality balls are designed to enhance several aspects of your game. For example, their soft-core balls help with short-range shots and putting; while their other balls are made for long-range plays.

Different Callaway golf balls for various playing styles

Callaway categorises its golf balls to suit specific playing styles. The following are the major models:

  • Chrome Soft: These are known for their low spin and fast ball speeds. Their variations include Truvis Suits, Yellow, X, Triple Track, X Yellow, Truvis Stars and Stripes, Shamrock Truvis, Truvis Red, Truvis Yellow, and European Truvis.
  • E.R.C. Soft: Available as standard and in yellow, this distance ball has an innovative ‘hybrid cover’ that offers a combination of greater ball speeds, soft feel, and noticeably increased spin for solid control.
  • Supersoft: These balls are straight-distance, long balls with a significantly low compression core that facilitates super low spin, fast ball speeds, and low drag. Its variations are standard, Yellow, Magna, Magna Yellow, Matte Green, Matte Orange, Matte Pink, and Matte Red.
  • Superhot: This long-distance golf ball provides solid short game control and spin. Available in white, matte green, matte orange, matte red, and matte yellow colour options, the ball’s aerodynamic design helps with optimal lift and low drag.
  • Warbird: This two-piece, high-energy core ball is designed for maximum distance and flight. The colour options include white and optical yellow.

True to its name, Callaway’s Eagle is known for its penetrating flight that ensures soaring distances. The strong ball cover offers a solid feel.

Callaway golf ball size measurements

Professional golf balls should be at least 1.68 inches in diameter. The ball could be bigger, but its weight should not exceed 45.93 grammes. Callaway golf balls strictly adhere to the standard measurements because they are used by professional golfers in major tournaments. The standard golf ball measurements are:

  • Radius: 133 cm.
  • Diameter: 268 cm.
  • Circumference: 405 cm.
  • Height and width: 3 cm each.
  • Volume: 677 cm3.
What is Callaway golf balls’ ‘triple track technology’?

Callaway, with its ‘triple track technology’, has prominently featured three track lines on their balls to enhance putting accuracy. The tech employs ‘vernier visual acuity’ that helps improve alignment, particularly when compared to standard side stamp alignment.