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Cambo View Camera Lens Boards

Ensuring that your lens is properly secured to your camera is essential in large format view cameras. A sturdy and durable lens board is a must. Whether your current lens board has been damaged or you like to regularly replace your lens board to ensure it's always in excellent condition, a quality lens board will mount your lens in the optimum position you need. Luckily it is still possible to purchase Cambo view camera lens boards for these vintage cameras to keep them functioning in the modern day.

Choose the correct size

Cambo view camera lens boards come in different sizes to suit different size camera lenses . The key to selecting the correct lens board is to check that the diameter of the hole corresponds to the size of your camera's lens. In large format view cameras this is often referred to as the 'copal number'. The larger the copal number, the larger the diameter of the lens board's central hole. Diameters range from copal 00 at 26.3mm to copal 3s at 64.5mm, providing a great range to suit many different lens sizes. Some camera lens boards come with holes with a diameter outside of the standard copal sizing system so if in doubt, get the precise measurements and check them with your camera lens to ensure a perfect fit.

The Cambo brand

Cambo is a Dutch photography brand specialising in the production of large format view cameras. Their founder Roelof Bok began his career in the camera making industry in 1945 and has successfully grown the business to the point where Cambo produce a range of high quality photography products.

The Cambo name was formed by merging the word 'camera' with the Bok surname, creating a unique and memorable brand name. Cambo's main source of business now comes from supplying professional photography studios with the equipment they need.

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