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Due to incredible advances in photo and video technology, choosing a camcorder is as tough as taking the perfect video. Capturing memorable moments as they happen in rich detail and colour is easier than ever before, thanks to amazing models of action and high definition camcorders. There are so many different camcorders available at various prices with a plethora of unique features with models perfect for camera hobbyists and lifelong enthusiasts alike.

Camcorder Brands

One of the most popular brands of camcorders in recent years is the GoPro. Most models of GoPro are waterproof and allow you to take amazing action shots with minimal blur. Newer models of GoPro allow you to shoot high definition 360-degree videos.

More traditional camcorders from brands such as Sony, Canon and Panasonic are not waterproof, but they do allow for incredibly detailed videos to be taken at up to 4K definition.

Camera Types

High definition cameras can allow you to film in incredible 4K definition which is evolving with the development of new television technology. They offer the greatest possible sound and picture quality available on camcorders. The flexibility and versatility of these types of camcorders allow them to be used in a huge variety of settings and climates with no loss of picture quality.

Action cameras are usually far more rugged than high definition cameras as they are created with the purpose of recording action-packed moments in mind. The compact and light cameras are perfect for mounting on to helmets, vehicles and pieces of clothing.

Despite being more affordable than a high definition camera, action cameras often need smart devices to fully function and they offer fewer settings and features. The most obvious of which is the lack of optical zoom, however, this isn't usually needed when filming sports or fast-paced action scenes

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