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If you're looking to buy a camcorder, there is lots of choice on offer to capture all those special moments. Although many modern electronic devices can record videos such as digital cameras and smartphones, camcorders are primarily made to record videos. If recording videos is what you want to do then a camcorder is definitely the best choice so that you can record all your memories in the best quality possible.


As with any electronic device, there are lots of brands that manufacture and sell their own camcorders. Camcorder brands include GoPro, Sony, SJCAM, Panasonic and Canon. It is important that you make good comparisons between the brands to ensure you get the right camcorder for you.

Sport or travel uses

If you're looking to capture exciting sporting videos whether that be mountain biking, running, surfing or skiing for example, then you'll be looking for a highly durable, waterproof and shockproof, whilst also a compact, lightweight camcorder. Brands such as SJCAM or GoPro camcorders are a great option for capturing such extreme conditions.

The benefits of these types of camcorders are that they can be attached to your wrist, helmet or clothing with the right accessories to allow you to enjoy what you're up to rather than concentrate on the camcorder.

Everyday uses

If you are looking for a camcorder that you can rely on as more of an everyday affair, then you'll be looking at brands such as Sony, Panasonic or Canon to name just a few. These camcorders are designed to be handheld and the focus here is much more on capturing those special moments, whether it be a birthday, family trip or holiday.

Most of these models of camcorders have a pull out viewing screen to ensure you can see exactly what is being filmed clearly, as they action happens.

Video storage

Over the decades, camcorder technology has hugely progressed and as such there is a huge variety of options to look out for. Many film camcorder's we'd associate as vintage, taping footage onto camcorder tape or disks .

More recently the more durable camcorder's have become available able to withstand snow, water and heat. These more modern camcorders allow you to store footage on memory cards of a range of sizes, DVDs or onto the devices themselves such as your smartphone.

The type of camcorder you're after is dependant on what you will use it for and the features you are after. All camcorders vary in quality, zoom and design. It is important that you know which kind of camcorder you would want so that you can get the best quality footage for your uses.

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