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Camera Flash Diffusers

In many conditions, using a camera flash diffuser can be integral to creating a good quality photograph. The diffuser spreads out harsh light, creating a more natural light that will not wash out the subject. A diffuser can also be used to direct light in one particular place.

The benefits of using a diffuser

Flash diffusers tone down harsh light by spreading it out, meaning that photos are more likely to come out better for a range of reasons. With less shadows on faces, people look more natural. The diffuser also gives a better impression of natural light, even when a subject is shot inside, under low-light conditions.

Types of diffuser

Bounce diffusers are the most simple type of diffuser. They are a semi-opaque device that fits over the camera's flash and spreads out the light. This makes them a popular choice for wedding photography, where there is no time to set up each shot carefully.

Mini softboxes offer enhanced light diffusion, directing light up and down as well as generally spreading it around the room. The soft box fits over the flash and has reflective side and back walls. This type of diffuser can also be used with continuous light sources, like fluorescent lamps. These diffusers are more bulky than others.

Camera snoots are a long cylindrical tube, shaped like a loud speaker. They are designed to control where the flash goes, bathing the subject in light, but stopping it from falling on other parts of the scene.

Wide angle diffusers look like an umbrella and are seen frequently seen in photography shoots. This shape helps to spread the light out on wide-angled shots. Not all wide angled diffusers are this big, or this shape, but often have a similar circular dome shape in order to spread the light out.

Compatible brands

Diffusers are produced by a range of brands, including Canon, Nikon, Sony and Nissin, which are all established lighting suppliers. Make sure to check the compatibility of your camera model if shopping or a fitted diffuser.

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