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Camera Lens Rain Cover

Water can be extremely damaging to cameras lenses so it is important you keep your lens protected when you are taking photographs outside and it starts to rain. There are a range of different camera lens covers that are available in different sizes, depending on the size of the lens, that will keep your camera fully protected. Camera lens rain covers will enable you to produce high quality photographs even when it starts to rain.

Types of rain covers

Rain covers for camera lenses come in different water resistant and waterproof styles. Some rain covers are padded and insulated to protect against colder and more extreme weather conditions. Simple effective rain covers are versatile, lightweight yet very effective and will fit most types of digital SLR cameras. The size of the cover will depend on which lens it needs cover, due to the length of the lens.

Rain covers come in a range of different colours including camouflage which is ideal in situations where the camera needs to blend into the background. This is perhaps suitable for shooting wildlife photography and you do not want to be seen. You can also find disposable rain covers that are designed to be used once or twice. These are great if you are travelling as they are lightweight and easy to store. It is also beneficial to keep a couple of disposable camera covers with your camera equipment so you do not get caught out if it starts to rain.

Not only do rain covers prevent your camera lens from getting wet, they also protect it from dust, dirt and moisture when being used in inclement weather conditions. They are suitable for use with either handheld or tripod mounted cameras.

Rain covers feature an opening for tripod mount and a clear control window at the back of the cover with a view of the back and top screens. Some are available with an adjustable lens barrel sleeve to allow for interchangeable lenses. An eyepiece port on the control window allows the rain cover to be fixed to the camera's viewfinder for seamless visibility. A slit on each side of the rain cover that can be closed using a touch-fastened mechanism of Velcro, gives access so that neck and wrist straps can be attached or detached.

When it is not in use, the rain cover can be folded, stored and carried in the drawstring pouch that comes with it.

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