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Camera Lenses for Nikon AF

When you need to act fast to get the perfect shot, you need a camera lens that's going to keep up with your Nikon auto-focus (AF) camera. Camera lenses for Nikon AF cameras come in a choice of focal lengths and will suit a range of different shooting situations. Nikon AF lenses give you the option to focus automatically on your subject. Some Nikon lenses will have a manual focus option as well, while some are purely auto-focus.

Common types of lenses available

Perhaps the most widely available and commonly used camera lenses for Nikon AF are standard lenses. This type of lens tends to have a 50mm focal length, so it is neither extremely long nor very short and is usually fixed. You may also hear this type of lens referred to as a prime lens.

Specific telephoto camera lenses for Nikon AF are also commonly used. The benefit of using a lens and camera combination that allows for auto-focusing is that it can be less fiddly than manual focusing. When you only have a moment to capture the photo you don't want to waste time focusing or risk your photo being out of focus. For example, say you are shooting a bird at a distance, you need to act quickly before it flies away.

Fixed or zoom lens?

Some standard lenses are not all fixed and will zoom from moderately wide-angled at the short end to a smaller telephoto focal length at the long end.

An example of this is the Nikon AF-S 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens, where 18mm is the shortest focal length (giving a wider angle) and 105mm is the longest focal length (giving a telephoto effect). This lens could be a good choice for travel photography when you don't want to carry lots of lenses with you.

A choice of brands

As well as Nikon AF camera lenses , other brands make camera lenses that fit Nikon AF cameras. Sigma camera lenses for Nikon AF are compatible with Nikon AF cameras and they range from 35mm to 600mm in length. Tamron camera lenses for Nikon AF are also compatible with this specific brand of camera and cover a similar range. It's best that you check the compatibility of third party lenses with Nikon AF cameras before purchasing as some of the features of the camera may be reduced or unavailable when using that lens.

For extra peace of mind you could keep an eye out for camera lenses for Nikon AF that come with protective accessories such as carry cases or protective lens filters. That way you can be sure your new lens will be protected against the elements.

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