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Tamron F/3.8 Camera Lens

Tamron make a range of lenses for leading camera brands such as Canon, Sony and Nikon. Their camera lenses are a high quality third party alternative bursting with as many features as branded ones.

F/3.8 aperture

F/stop refers to how much light is allowed through the lens by changing the size of the hole in the front of the camera. It's the f/stop capabilities of the camera lens that determines how well the lens will operates in low light. The lower the f/stop number, the better it operates in low light. A lens with f/3.8 would therefore operate reasonably well in low light, but the images would not be quite as detailed as a f/0-2.0 stop lens.

Features of Tamron f/3.8 lenses

Some lenses from Tamron have matching lens adapters for each type of mount, so you will be able to use it with any major type of camera such as Sony, Canon or Nikon. Just be aware that you may need to purchase the mount separately.

Tamron lenses capable of f/3.8 aperture have a variable range i.e. between 3.8 and 5.6. To achieve the widest aperture possible the lens would need to be fully zoomed in. Most lenses with this aperture are telephoto, meaning that they are capable of a large zoom to provide detail on far away subjects. This type of lens would therefore be good for long range shots where light is fading such as sunsets, as opposed to indoor photography.

Some Tamron camera lenses are usually auto-focus, though older lenses will need to be controlled manually so they may not be suitable for beginners. Modern Tamron lenses come with a Piezo Drive, which is a silent focusing system allowing far more focus control, even in low light conditions so you can produce sharp and detailed pictures.

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