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Camera Snoots Flash Diffuser

A camera snoot flash diffuser is a tube that fits over the Speedlight or hot shoe flash and allows the photographer to control the direction of the light. The effect of this is to isolate a subject and create a highlighting effect by stopping light from spilling over onto other areas of the shot. Snoots allow creative shooting and some interesting effects to be achieved with this easy to use piece of kit.


Snoot flash diffusers are usually foldable to fit easily with the rest of your camera kit. They work in synergy with a shoe mount flash . An inner white reflector intensifies the light as it travels through the snoot. In some models, gels can also be used to intensify the colour density and hue. Most come in a storage case so you can keep it separate from the rest of your camera equipment.

Set up

This useful bit of kit is easy to set up and can be ready in seconds making it a great accessory when travelling, at home or working in a studio. Small adhesive tabs or Velcro allow the snoot to be attached to the camera quickly and easily. They can be adjusted to fit most flashes. Some snoots will collapse into different stages so you can achieve various light effects and beam patterns for more precise control.

Build quality

Camera snoots come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. They are typically tubular or rectangular. Some are made from plastic and others are made from silicone so they're strong yet flexible and fit securely to the camera.

Some major camera manufacturers make camera snoots to specifically fit particular makes and models of camera though most have a universal fit. Check with the manufacturer to see which makes and models are covered if you're unsure.

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