Camera Tripods

Camera Tripods

There are very rare occasions when a photographer will want their subject to be anything but sharp and clear. To ensure the best possible quality of photograph, camera tripods were created to support the camera, leaving the photographer to concentrate on what they do best.

Camera tripods have quickly become one of the most popular and important tools for a range of beginner to expert photographers worldwide. They are used to stabilise the camera when taking a still image or video to prevent the camera shaking, which in turn will reduce blurriness in your work.

Easy to operate, the camera tripods have three legs that spread out evenly and will ensure your digital camera is well balanced during your shoot. They support the weight of a camera and allow you to move smoothly to get different angles and shots with clear precision. Importantly, the camera tripods have an attachment at the top to hold your camera securely in place, however do ensure your digital camera, smartphone or camcorder is compatible with the type of tripod you opt for.

Ball Head

A ball head is a feature on a large percentage of tripods that are available. A ball head is a metal or plastic device at the top of the tripod, which helps with stability when moving the camera. By having a ball head feature on a tripod it will provide you with a faster and smoother rotation of the camera. This type of tripod head is very light and therefore can easily be carried when changing shooting locations. A camera tripod with a ball head is a popular choice for photographers to help get even better precision and sharp focussed shots.

Fluid Heads

A fluid head is particularly popular with camera tripods that are used in the film industry. This is because they provide a very smooth movement whatever the weight of your digital device. This in turn means you can use heavy and professional video cameras without it affecting the movement of the shot. The fluid in the head reduces any jerkiness or unsteadiness during pans and tilts enabling a range of shots to be carried out and filmed.


Camera tripods are built so that they can easily and quickly be dismantled. This is great if you are shooting at different locations and need to travel around with a tripod. They are lightweight and compact so that they can easily be disassembled and folded up into a smaller tripod that is easy to carry within your camera tripod bag .