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Viewfinders and Eyecups for Nikon D Cameras

If seeing the image clearly on your Nikon D series camera is a problem, then there are many different viewfinder options available to you. Framing up the image accurately is an important part of photography. Using an LED screen can cause problems in bright light to see a clear image, so many photographers prefer using a viewfinder.

Using an eyecup, the light can be filtered out to gain a clearer image of the final shot. Eyecups are pieces of contoured rubber to support the eye while viewing images. Soft and gentle, eyecups are even suitable for people with glasses to use. There are many camera viewfinders and eyecups for Nikon D cameras available.


It may be that the eyecups in your existing digital camera due to wear and tear are in a bad condition. If this is the case a range of eyecups are available for the Nikon D series camera as a replacement. By pushing into place over the viewfinder, they are simple to set up for instant use.

Right-angled viewfinders

A right-angled viewfinder is great if you need to place your Nikon D camera at a different height to your body i.e. waist height or below. They effectively extend the length of the viewfinder so you can still use an eyepiece to view the image without lowering your body too much. This will allow you to get the perfect camera angle. A magnifier can also be attached to enlarge the image further for an even better look.

A soft bag is supplied so the viewfinder can be kept separately and to protected. Easy to attach to the top plate mounting shoe, you'll be up and running in no time. Always check the compatibility with this type of viewfinder.


If your Nikon D series camera doesn't have a viewfinder, a handy device called a multi-finder is available to fix to the LCD screen of your Nikon camera so you can convert it. This is greatly beneficial when working outdoors inbright light so you can get a clearer look at the image you're taking .

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