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Cameras Hot Shoe Flash Sync Cords

Camera hot shoe flash sync cords synchronise your camera and flash to assist you in getting the perfect shot. When a flash is connected to a camera it will sync automatically, however if you are using an off camera flash you will need to sync the devices yourself. The easiest way to do this is by fitting a connecting wire between the hot shoe fitting and your external flash.

Wired Syncing

Wired syncing is one of the cheapest and most reliable methods of syncing an off camera flash to your device. The hot shoe flash sync cord comprises of a simple wire, and if properly looked after it will not let you down for years. These wires are most often called sync cords, although they can also be called PC cords. PC cords have nothing to do with computers, but the name is rather a legacy of the Prontor Compur cable, an older method of connecter now largely considered outdated.

Hot Shoes

A hot shoe device mounts the hot shoe fitting atop your camera. A hot shoe is a metal bracket with a contact point located in the centre. Remember, when purchasing a cable or cord ensure that the device is compatible with your hot shoe fitting. Some brands have unique fitting or contact points and not all cables are cross compatible. In addition, when using an old or vintage camera ensure that the fitting is not a cold shoe. Although cold shoes are now largely defunct technology, they were very popular with the cameras of the 1970s.

Wireless devices

Whilst a hot shoe flash is a very reliable and cost effective tool, you may wish to also consider purchasing a wireless flash remote . Although they are much more expensive than sync cords, they do allow for greater movement as you will not be tied to your flash device.

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