Campervans, caravans and motorhomes for peaceful holidays

Nothing is quite as fun and liberating as exploring the great outdoors. Whether you're off to the beach for a day out with the family or you're planning a road trip across Europe, there's something for every intrepid explorer right here on eBay. 


Campervans are great because they're easy to manage, making them the perfect step up from a car to something larger. Thanks to their more compact measurements, you know you'll be able to pass under bridges, barriers and on smaller roads without worrying about getting stuck. 

You can also easily park them in car parks and on streets in the same way as you would a car and they're ideal for those who don't fancy the idea of towing a heavy caravan, or whose existing car engine wouldn't be strong enough anyway. Perfect for loading up and nipping off for a fun weekend away, campervans are ideal for those who like to camp but still have access to some home comforts. Available in an array of sizes from 2-8 berth, top brands include VW, Ford and Renault. 


If you fancy something a little chunkier, and your car has the pulling capacity, then hit the open road in a fun new caravan. From small two-berth options to large eight-berth varieties, caravans offer the freedom to see the world as you've never seen it before. 

Complete with showers, toilets and cookers, caravans are a home from home. Big names include Sprite, Kontiki and Avondale, and you'll find everything from rustic and retro to shiny and modern. 


Motorhomes are generally much larger than campervans or caravans, and they could even be used as a holiday home. With larger 6-10 person sleeping capacities, many of them have space for more than one toilet as well as full sized beds, showers and electrical appliances. 

Perfect for bigger families or anyone who wishes to be away for weeks or months at a time, motorhomes are wonderful for creating memories that last a lifetime.