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Candle Light Bulbs

Candle light bulbs are designed to look a bit like a candle flame and are often used when a decorative type of bulb is required. They create a warm and inviting tone and using one of these bulbs to provide a softer effect may enhance the mood or feel of a room. They are ideal for use in small lamps where you are looking for subtle lighting to bring the desired effect. Use a stronger light bulb where you want to add more light and illuminate effectively.

Candle Light Bulb Types

You can find candle light bulbs with a bayonet cap, or an Edison screw base and both types have larger and smaller versions. The smaller candle light bulbs are primarily used for smaller lamps, where a large one would look out of proportion. While there is little variation in the design of candle light bulbs, some may have a slight flicker effect to better emanate the movement of a candle flame.

At present, you can still buy incandescent candle light bulbs in the UK, but they are being phased out during 2018 when only energy-saving CFL and LED bulbs can be sold. LED is seen as the most efficient and can be used outside as well as inside as long as they have a waterproof casing to protect them from the weather.

Candle light bulbs can come in all different colours and with different wattage levels, so you should find there is no problem in finding one that is suitable for your needs. They can offer you hours of lighting depending on the lamp they are used in, saving you money on your energy bills in the long run.

Candle Light Bulb Tips

Ensure you are purchasing the right size of cap fitting and that the candle light bulb is robust enough for your purposes. If you want a light to be on for a long time then choosing an energy-efficient one is essential; however, if you need high-quality lighting then you may want to consider a halogen candle light bulb instead.

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