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Canon Tilt Shift Camera Lens

Although tilt shift lenses were specifically designed to take pictures involving architecture due to the way in which they process perspective, modern camera lenses have a wide range of uses such as portraits and landscapes. A Canon tilt shift camera lens is a great addition to your kit for capturing cityscapes in particular, though you'll be amazed at how useful it is for a range of different images.

Tilt shift

Tilt shift lenses have the ability to move up and down and eliminate verging vertical lines. This gives a bigger range of positioning possibilities by giving the illusion of looking down or looking up. With a tilt shift lens, you can simulate a shallow depth of field. Tilt shift photography is highly creative with interesting effects. By having control over the appearance of perspective, you can alter the position of the subject against the background.

How it works

In the straight position, a tilt shift lens will capture a straight line of perspective with only what's immediately in view. By tilting the camera upwards, a vertical perspective is created so you'll capture more but with a warped perspective. By tilting the lens upwards while keeping the digital camera straight, you will capture the entire subject but with a straight perspective.

Focal length

Tilt shift lenses are wide angle camera lenses , meaning they capture much of what's in view at the time. Canon have three main types of this lens available with varying focal lengths: 24mm, 45mm and 90mm. This will give you some choice over the focal length you desire.

Special effects

One interesting effect of tilt shift lenses is that they can make a real scene look like a miniature model. This is known as 'miniature faking' and is a great way to experiment with scene or landscape photography.

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