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Learn All About Canvas Printers

When you want to print a nice glossy or matte image on a textured canvas surface, you need a printer capable of handling large sheets of canvas. In addition to producing gallery-quality canvas prints, canvas printers are also capable of reproducing large posters, engineering drawings, banners, and more. Whether you want a small printer for a home office or a large-format canvas printer for your business, eBay has many options to pick from.

What size prints will the printer create?

Canvas printers are normally meant to create images larger than a standard paper printer. The exact size of prints available will vary depending on what model you select, but these are a few of the common printing format sizes for canvas printers:

  • 26 x 30 inches or 66 x 76 cm
  • 24 x 22 inches or 61 x 56 cm
  • 18 x 20 inches or 46 x 51 cm
  • 33 x 44 inches or 84 x 112 cm
  • 16 x 25 inches or 41 x 64 cm
What comes with the canvas printer?

Whether or not you get anything with the printer will depend on which product you purchase. In addition to the basic printer itself, some people may include other items, such as:

  • Inks: When people are selling used printers, they may also provide you with unopened or partially used ink cartridges for the printer.
  • Gloss enhancer: Certain styles of printers may also have a gloss enhancer cartridge to make them look shinier.
  • Printheads: You can occasionally find products sold with extra printheads included.
  • Canvas tools: Some printers come with canvas stretchers and other tools meant for mounting your newly printed pages.
  • Connecting cables: These help to hook up the printer to your computer or other device.
Which operating systems work with the canvas printer?

A printer's compatibility with various computer types will depend on who created it. Most printer manufacturers create canvas printers that can at least work with the Mac and Windows operating systems, and some may also function with Linux and Android operating systems. Depending on what operating system you use, you may need to install drivers from the manufacturer to make sure it works properly.

What are some features available for canvas printers?

When you shop on eBay for canvas printers, you have several features to choose from, including:

  • Wireless: These print without requiring cables hooked up to them.
  • Copying: This lets you directly scan an image and print out a copy.
  • Printing tray: A tray will catch your pages as they print out.
  • Paper feeder: A paper feeder will let you load in rolls or stacks of canvas for lengthy printing jobs.