Canvas Yellow Abstract Art Prints Bring Sunshine into Your Home

You’ve painted the walls, moved in the boxes, set up the furniture and arranged the plants, so now it’s time to get yourself some wall art. Sure, eventually you’d like to support local artists or pick up paintings that remind you of your travels, but in the meantime, some canvas yellow abstract art prints from eBay can add a splash of joy to your walls. Whether you’re hunting for a familiar art print or a large statement piece of abstract art, eBay is an easy way to browse by colour, size, or price.

How does yellow interact with other colours?

If you think your home decoration needs a yellow painting, it’s important to consider how that yellow will interact with other colours in your home. Opposite yellow on the colour wheel is purple, which means these colours are complementary and make each other pop. On a purple wall, a yellow painting will really stand out and draw the eye. Next to yellow on the colour wheel are green and orange, so yellow tends to blend in with these colours. Yellow is also one of the three primary colours, along with red and blue. Using a primary colour palette can give the feeling of high energy or childhood. Finally, yellow is one of the warm colours, along with orange and red. Pairing it with other warm colours presents a unified feeling while pairing it with a cool colour like blue, purple, or green creates contrast.

Simple prints or one-of-a-kind paintings

eBay sells both new and used wall decorations, from world-wide brands and neighbourhood artists. When looking for the perfect wall decoration for your home, you can browse for inexpensive mass-produced wall art, or find a creative expression from an artist honing their craft. Either way, you can search on eBay by size, colour or price to find your perfect piece.

What styles of art prints are available?

eBay has a wide selection of wall hangings to suit any style. You can get a modern print for a fresh clean style, a rustic farmhouse look, or vintage art for a retro feel.

Types of home decoration

You’ve decided you want a hanging picture, but what kind are you going to get? Here are a few options:

  • Painting canvas: Buy a blank canvas and make the art yourself.
  • Pop art: Start a conversation with a piece that uses familiar subjects in thought-provoking ways.
  • Abstract art: Rather than portraying the world as we see it, abstract art represents feelings through suggestion and more general shapes.
  • Word art: Maybe you want a reminder to “live laugh love” or a fun collection of cooking words to spice up your kitchen.
  • Triptych: A single picture spread across three canvases, hung together or placed slightly apart.