Purchase Your Favourite Car GPS Satellite Navigation System on eBay

Have you ever arrived late to a meeting because you couldn’t locate the address? It also hurts when you miss an important turn only to travel many miles before catching up with your original route. To avoid these situations, you may wish to look for a functional GPS satellite navigation system for your car.

Types of car GPS sat navigation systems

There are mostly two types of car GPS sat navigation systems: built-in and stand-alone. A built-in system is usually pre-installed in your car, which means you don’t need to buy the navigation system separately. The only problem with built-in devices is that these may or may not meet your requirements. While this is not always the case, you may only install a specific brand of the model in a new car if your GPS navigation model is factory-installed.

In contrast, a stand-alone model usually offers more flexibility as you can buy your favourite GPS satellite navigation system based on your specific requirements. These stand-alone models are also made by well-known brands and can be used in a variety of car and truck models.

Difference between a car sat nav system and a truck sat nav system

It is very common for drivers to use a car navigation system on a truck. Since most stand-alone models can be installed and used by trucks, you may be tempted to use a car system on your truck or a lorry. This may not always help because a car navigation system usually doesn’t include truck-prohibited routes and does not include specific guidelines on heights and motorway timings.

Under these conditions, it may be more logical to use a customised Garmin truck sat nav system, an HGV truck system, or a TomTom truck sat nav system. These systems are specifically manufactured to include truck data.

Buying GPS satellite navigation systems on eBay

On eBay, you can find a variety of new, used, and pre-owned car and truck GPS satellite navigation units. Such brands as Audi sat nav and BMW sat nav are also available for purchase. Both portable and built-in systems can be found at reasonable prices. Besides, you will also find inexpensive GPS satellite navigation accessories, maps, and individual parts from major manufacturers and brands.

To find the desired item quickly, use filters to get items by brand name, vehicle manufacturer, colour, and condition, among other search criteria. Before buying, you should also make sure that the specific system is compatible with your car model. Looking at the description can also tell you if the GPS nav systems will work in your vehicle.