Clear Off Your Vehicle Using Ice Scrapers and Snow Brushes

A buildup of ice or snow can make it hard to start or move your car after it has been sitting in the elements all night. You can mitigate this problem using a reasonably priced ice scraper or snow brush that you will find thanks to eBay.

Which types of ice scrapers can you get?

An ice scraper for your car can come in various designs. Here are some of the more common types of new and used ice scrapers that you will find on eBay:

  • Funnel or cone - If you have a large vehicle and need to remove snow quickly, you can get a scraper or brush that is shaped like a cone. The extra-wide rim of the funnel may help you clear out snow in a few minutes.
  • Brush - You can get a standard brush to remove snow or loose ice from your car. The bristles are typically wide and thick in order to capture a lot of snow at once.
  • Scrapers - You can get manual or electric ice scrapers to meet your needs. An electric windscreen scraper uses vibrations and heat to get rid of ice.
Other features of practical ice scrapers or snow wipers

Some of the cheap ice scrapers or snow brushes you come across on eBay may include additional features that vary by design. There are a few common things you might discover during your search:

  • Funnels - Most cone-shaped ice scrapers or snow brushes have a narrow section at one end. You can use this portion of the scraper to grip the unit, but you can also pour liquid into it like a funnel. This might be a good feature if you need to pour antifreeze into your vehicle.
  • Extending handle - If you want to cover the whole area of your vehicle in as little time as possible, you can find a long car scraper that has a handle you can extend to reach difficult areas quickly.
When might you consider used ice scrapers or brushes?

You can find some nice new or used scrapers on eBay. If you want to get a complete set that includes an ice scraper and an easy snow brush, you might check out the preowned section to get both items at reasonable prices. You can also find electric windscreen scrapers here for prices that match your budget.