Correct Paint Defects On Your Car With Car Polisher

A proper polishing session with an electric car polisher helps you restore the paint on your car. Polishing your car corrects paint defects, eliminates scratches, makes your car shiny and glossy, and makes spots on your car invisible. eBay has a variety of car polishers with different watts and varying speeds to fit your polishing needs.

How much does a machine polisher weigh?

Car polishers come in different weight and size. They are small and light, meaning you can easily carry a machine polisher and use it to enhance the appearance of your car. See the manufacturer website for details of size and weight.

What to consider when choosing an electric car polisher

Most of the car polishers available come with an option for adjusting speed. If you are looking for a machine with customisable speed settings, choose a car polisher with two or more types of speeds. For beginners who are looking for user-friendly car polishers, there are cordless machines that run on battery.

Are there maintenance requirements of an electric car polisher?

Yes. There are several steps you can follow to keep your car polisher in good working order. Tilt the machine backwards and store the rear wheels in place. Make sure you always use hot water to clean your polishing pad after use. Clean the base, then wipe and remove polishing agents and dirt.

Different types of car polishers

There are different types of electric car polishers that you can choose from. The options include:

  • Random orbital buffer (Dual Action polisher): A machine polisher that uses a spinning and circular motion to produce a rational double action, which is useful when you want to polish the surface of your car. This polisher is designed for beginners because it is easy to work with.
  • Rotary polisher: A car polisher that uses one type of motion to produce a polishing effect. It offers high cutting speed and can be handy when you want to correct a badly damaged surface or when you run short of time. However, it requires more knowledge and experience to use properly.
  • Forced Rotation Dual-Action Orbital Polishers: A hybrid version between the rotary and Dual Action polisher. This electric car polisher combines both the orbital and rotary motions into a single forced action. This means that the polisher rotates and orbits at the same time, and the machine has a consistent pattern. You can use this car polisher to polish and wax your car.