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Protect Your Wheels from Damage with Car Rim Protectors

Wheels pick up scratches, scrapes, and cracks from daily use. Therefore, to shield the wheels from harm, you need a rim protector. You can browse through a selection of wheel protectors on eBay, all at affordable prices.

Why use alloy wheel kerb protectors for your car?

Most alloy wheels have a large diameter making the rim susceptible to damage, but you can safeguard vulnerable edges from abrasion using a rim protector. The protector bears the brunt of the scraping, leaving the alloy wheel intact. You can find a rim protector for any car on eBay.

Choosing a wheel protector for your specific vehicle

Your choice of alloy wheel protector will depend on aesthetic preference, wheel type, and fitting process associated with the materials. Therefore, when selecting a rim protector for your vehicle, you should keep the following factors in mind:

  • Colour: Alloy wheel rim protectors prevent damage while enhancing the look of your car. The protectors are available in multiple colours to cater to various tastes and preferences. You can go for a unique look by choosing bold shades of protectors, or black if you want the tyre to look bigger. Metallic tones will make your alloy wheels 'pop', drawing attention to them.
  • Shape and style: Rim protectors come in multiple designs to suit the tyre and the wheel. Some are made for rims with flat edges while others are for curved or round sides.
  • Material: There are two types of wheel rim protectors - fitted and self-adhesive. A fitted protector is made from tough nylon and it works by slotting between the wheel and the tyre. The self-adhesive protector is made from rubber and is easily stuck on the wheel, protecting it from kerb damage.
Are alloy wheel protectors easy to fit?

The ease of fitting alloy wheel protectors depends on the type you have chosen. A self-adhesive protector can easily be fitted at home, although each alloy wheel protector may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Fitted wheel rim protectors need to have the tires deflated before fitting, so may require professional assistance, particularly when slotting the protector between the wheel and tyre.

Alloy wheel rim guards and tire inflation

Correctly fitted rim protectors should not impact the inflation of your tires. It is, however, recommended to check the pressure of your tires one hour after fitting to make sure that it is correctly situated, and then on a regular basis. Check the manufacturer's site for full details.