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Manage Your Fleet With A Vehicle Tracking System

Both small and large organisations can use a vehicle tracking system to ensure that their cars are being utilised correctly. They can better manage their resources by monitoring the progress of delivery trucks on different routes. Vehicle tracking solutions can help prevent theft and protect drivers while they're travelling to remote destinations.

Can you decrease operating expenses with van tracking systems?

Yes. Most insurance companies offer discounts to clients who use van tracking systems. Companies that provide delivery services can immediately adjust routes for their drivers, and they can assess and eliminate factors that cause idle time. Using a GPS vehicle tracking system can increase customer satisfaction since clients can receive deliveries faster. Less time driving also means that companies will use less fuel, which is great for budgets and the environment.

Can you improve driver safety with a van tracker?

Yes. Using a GPS can help you to keep track of your driver's location at all times. This is particularly helpful when members of your team have to make deliveries in less than ideal weather conditions. If they sustain damage while on the road, they can be found immediately, even if they're unconscious or unable to communicate with fleet managers. Drivers that are tired or driving dangerously can quickly be alerted, so they can pull off the road. If a driver has a heart attack or is affected by an illness in some other way, fleet managers will notice and be able to quickly react in order to help them.

  • Fleet managers can monitor fuel levels from a distance. If there is a leak and a driver is unaware of it, they can let them know before it becomes dangerous.
  • Drivers are less likely to be attacked or have cargo stolen if thieves know that a van tracker is being used.
  • Drivers can receive information about obstacles in their route that might present a danger to them, which allows them to adjust routes accordingly.
Can you get a GPS tracker without engine diagnostics?

Yes, you can get a GPS tracking device without the added benefits of engine diagnostics. However, this means you will need to rely on your drivers to pay close attention to engine warning lights. If drivers fail to do this, problems with your vehicles may go unnoticed and become bigger and more expensive to repair.

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