Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy Note

Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy Note

Your phone is likely to be one of your most valuable possessions, containing treasured photographs and key contacts. Keep it safe with cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note . There are protective holders for all tastes which will look stylish to carry around as well as being functional and practical.

These cases can be found in a variety of different materials, textures and colours, all of which give you full access to your Samsung Galaxy Notes controls. They will protect your phone from scratches, cracks and scrapes, as well as let you clearly view the display and be comfortable to hold.

Using a case gives you the chance to completely transform the appearance of your device and make it more individual to you. You could choose a smart leather case, go for something eye-catching in bright or pastel colours, or choose a bit of bling and sparkle with a metallic finish cover.

The Samsung flip wallet S View case for the Galaxy Note 4 comes in gold, black, red, pink, blue and white. This case will keep your phone looking as good as new as it replaces the original back cover of your Note 4 by clipping onto the back. It is called the S View because it includes a cut-out enabling you to see incoming calls and answer calls, control your music and do lots more by looking through the front cover.

Controls which can be reached with this case include the S Pen, charging ports, volume and power buttons and the camera. Your Galaxy Note 4 will detect the colour of the case you have chosen and will automatically customise the background colour of your phones screen to complement the case. This cover is made from synthetic leather materials which is tough enough to protect the phone from any eventuality.

A transparent clear case will fit all Samsung Galaxy Note models without too much alteration to the appearance of the phone. This elegant case is easy to fit and remove and is slim so it will not make your phone look too bulky. It will protect your phone from falls, scratches, bumps and dust. You can reach all the controls without removing the case and there are cutouts for the camera lens, charger, handsfree port, microphone and speaker.

A shockproof leather flip wallet which will fit Samsung Note 3, 4, and 7 models and comes in six different colours. This durable cover will protect the screen, camera and flash and also contains slots for your cards. It clips onto the back of your phone and then folds over the front when you are not using it.