Customise Your iPhone 5 With Cases and Covers

Apple formally unveiled the iPhone 5 line of smartphones in 2012. If you have one of these phones and would like to personalise it to your liking, you'll find a great selection of stylish, interesting, or funny iPhone 5 cases on eBay. Getting to know what's available will help you find the personal iPhone 5 cover that works for your needs.

Common features of UK iPhone 5 case products

Any iPhone 5 case that you find on eBay can have one or more features that make the item convenient for you to use. All iPhone 5 body covers can offer some degree of protection to your phone, and additional features might enhance the functionality of the case that you choose. Some of your options here are:

  • Screen protector - An iPhone 5 full case typically includes a screen protector. The screen protector covers the front part of your iPhone but allows you to use the touchscreen without taking the device out.
  • Compartments - Some of the bulkier iPhone 5 covers include small compartments that you can use to store other items with your phone.
  • Projector - An iPhone 5 case with a projector opening can help you display images or videos in a larger view on a wall.
What materials can you choose for your iPhone 5 full case?

eBay offers some great new and pre-owned iPhone 5 cases in a range of materials. Some materials have different colours or textures that you might prefer. A few of the usual options you'll discover are:

  • Tempered glass - Tempered glass provides you with an iPhone 5 full body cover that is transparent but strong. You'll be able to see your phone, and it will remain protected from scrapes and some impacts.
  • Metal - Metal cases, such as aluminium, give you a lightweight yet durable way to protect your iPhone 5 from unintentional damage or debris. The smooth surface of the metal can include many intriguing patterns.
  • Leather - If you prefer a classic look, you can get iPhone 5 cases with either genuine or synthetic leather components. Distressed or brushed leather can add interest to the appearance of your case.
Design options for iPhone 5 cases

If you already have certain designs in mind for your smartphone cover, you can use the helpful categories on eBay to find both new and used iPhone 5 full cases at inexpensive prices. Some of these options could include glossy finishes, geometric patterns, metallic sheen, or floral print designs.