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Cat Grass and Loose Catnip

Cat grass and loose catnip are two different plants:

  • Catnip - a plant, the scent of which attracts cats. Catnip will stimulate a cat whether they roll in it or eat it. Loose catnip is a simple way of giving your cat this treat. Eating or rolling in the plant often causes a feeling of calm, and a lot of cats just can't get enough of it. Loose catnip is ideal to give as a treat as it is ready prepared.
  • Cat grass - can be grown from seed and eaten straight from the plant. Cat grass can be bought pre-grown or can be grown from seed. It's not known exactly why cats eat grass. Some say it aids digestion, while others say it provides them with fibre. Whatever the reason, some cats love to eat it whilst others will not enjoy it at all. 

The benefits of cat grass and loose catnip

Cat grass can have a number of benefits for your cat, including:

  • Eating cat grass can add extra fibre, niacin and vitamin B to a cat's diet. Additional fibre will help aid digestion.
  • If a cat has an upset stomach or has eaten something toxic, eating cat grass can help induce vomiting, which should help them feel better 
  • Having some cat grass to hand may prevent the cat from eating other, sometimes poisonous, plants

Catnip is a member of the mint family and has advantages of its own:

  • Cats can eat it loose or roll in the leaves
  • The stimulating effect of the plant can make a cat relaxed and happy, aiding their well-being
  • Research suggests that the effect of the plant can encourage the cats to play, which has benefits for keeping them healthy and active
  • Loose catnip can be placed inside a cat toy to encourage them to play and forage
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